Additional Features

Press Caps+Enter or Symbol Shift+Enter to open the menu.

  • Hex-viewer: Max buffer size is 32 kb.

  • Scan for music: In case The Viewer won't recognize your file as music.

  • View as text: Show any file as text.

  • Combine to Giga: Combine two nearby standard screens into gigacreen image.

  • Combine to Turbosound: Combine two nearby pt3 files into turbo-sound.

Sprite scanner

Manual sprite searching.


  • Left/right — change address by one.

  • Up/Down — change address by char.

  • CAPS + up/down — by one pixel line.

  • Space+QAOP — changing sprite's size.

  • S — seria, draw sprites to right border, then to bottom border.

  • C — on/off color.

  • F — change color position — before/after pixels.

  • Break, delete — exit to catalog.

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