Files list

  • Sinclair, cursor, QAOP — in catalog and for going to next/previous file from music player or gfx viewer.

  • Space, 0 — select file/exit to catalog.

  • Enter — next file in gfx, msx & text viewer.

  • F — Filter for file types: All, Basic, Graphics, Music.

  • Caps Shift + A — fast select "All" filter.

  • B, G, M — fast select Basic, Graphics or Music filters accordingly.

  • I — file info. Press again to changedec/hex.

  • R — run basic and code files.

  • Caps + R — run with white border.

  • C — On/off Gigascreen mode in catalog.

  • L — On/off Quicklook mode. When ON, The Viewer will automatically load preview of a file. That would be handy for browsing, especially if you search something.

  • S — Open Setup.

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